The Lewis Family

The Lewis Family

Monday, December 13, 2010

Updates Dec 11-13, 2010.

(Mon- Dec 13)
So ... we're not quite ready for home so they are keeping us for at least a few more days. We were hoping that we could celebrate Papa's birthday by coming home and taking James to the cemetary for the first time, but we've got to figure something else out.

Trudy Makin Lewis Hey world out there consider yourself hugged today! It's Stu's Birthday!

(Sun- Dec 12)
It's been a sleepy day for James today. The nurses want him to stay awake and he wants to sleep. Hope he sleeps tonight! Last night was rough... he had a migrain headache. Hope tonight goes better!
For dinner last night James ate in the cafiteria down stairs. He's pretty good at manuvering corners on his own. I'd lose hands down in wheel chair races!

MayLynn Lewis ‎1 nephi 3:7

(Sat- Dec 11)


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