The Lewis Family

The Lewis Family

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday and Saturday's Services

The services Friday and Saturday were very beautiful, a  special spirit resided at both the viewings and the funeral!
The viewings:
KaraLee & Stuart both looked amazing, so at peace, confirmation that although they had laid these mortal bodies to rest... they were in a better place, doing the Lord's work. The support and condolences of all who attended both in presence and in thought brought a great sense of Love of support, thank you all!
The funeral:
Words cannot express the beauty of the spirit which touched our hearts at this amazing service!
Words by MayLynn, Trudy, Bro. Newman, Bishops and others were so eloquently expressed through the power of the spirit. They all did a wonderful job of honoring two amazing spirits whom will be missed here on earth as they continue spreading love and the Gospel in heaven. It was simply Beautiful!!
A funeral like this, under such circumstances, would have all the rights of being a depressing, melancholic service, but I have never attended such an amazingly spiritual, hope-promoting service as this. What an amazing tribute to their (the Lewis family's) love for one another and their love for the Savior. Through their words and actions, the spirit testified to us that because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice we will all live again, and that through repentance and obedience to God's commandments we can become worthy enough to return to live in His presence, with one another. Because Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and wants all of us to return to Him, together, he gave us the gospel (found in The Book of Mormon & The Bible) here on earth that shows us the way that we can make it back to His presence, together. The Lewis family has taught us by example that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings real hope and light into our lives, even in the darkest of times!
Thank You Lewis Family for your example of faith and hope, I pray that we can all learn from your example and be changed people forever. May we all strive to learn & live the Gospel because of your examples.


  1. I couldn't have said it better!! The funeral was AMAZING!!! The spirit was so strong, and you could tell what an AMAZING family the Lewis' are!! It made me leave wanting to be a better person!!! Thank you to everyone who spoke for giving all of us outsiders a look into the lives of Stuart and KaraLee!! And helping us feel the spirit so strongly!! Thoughts and prayers still go out to the family!!

  2. I so enjoyed the spirit there, it was magnificent to feel such love the the Spirit. I would just like to note, though, it is Brother Ryan Newman, not Newton... I hope to visit the family soon. With all my love and prayers, B-Jo

  3. This post was so well written. I could feel the spirit through the words. I am so grateful to have known Stuart and know that we will all get to visit again with him someday.