The Lewis Family

The Lewis Family

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update - Tuesday afternoon

He is doing so GOOD!!! He has had a very restful morning and is looking better all the time! He took the news of our dear father and sister very well. He just kept telling us how much he loved us. James is such an AMAZING guy! I love him so much!!!

- MayLynn Lewis

Update - Monday evening

Just saw him. We had to move a food tray out of the room in order to fit everyone (YAY ... they let him eat!) He enjoyed his numerous slices of pizza and his shake. Uncle James and his dear friend Mr. Mortensen (4th grade teacher to both him and Abigail) gave him a blessing. He is doing so wonderful!!!!

-MayLynn Lewis

Trudy was released from the hospital Monday.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on James Andrew

Monday morning:
 He woke up this morning with determination to get the breathing tube out. We are praying that his body cooperates. His neck brace has been revoved at his request. He pushes his pain button once every two hours - completely by himself! He was writing and signing this morning - all great signs :D

Monday afternoon:
THE BREATHING TUBE IS OUT!!!!!!!!! He is able to talk to us now! :D His first words were "Well that wasn't the best experience" and he promptly asked for a drink. The doctors told him that he couldn't drink for four more hours, then he said "That sucks"

Also the doctor came and checked his eye and he saw the light and he was able to tell the doctor how many fingers he was holding up.

YAaY!!! Miracles are happening

Words from MayLynn - Early Monday morning

Just spent a couple hours with just me and my buddy and the nurse. He is doing really good. They gave him a magic button to press when he is in pain and he is doing great with it. he opened his eye and saw me, also he squooze my hand a few times. His face is looking so GREAT! the stitches are tiny and the bruising and swelling is looking fabulous. I rubbed his arm and sang him some of my favorite hymns and primary songs. I am so happy. I really shared a great connection with my dad as i held James Andrew's hand and sang to him. Thank you all for all your prayers because I have literally seen them improve James Andrew's condition.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

KSL News coverage on Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010.

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