The Lewis Family

The Lewis Family

Friday, December 31, 2010

Quick updates

Trudy Makin Lewis 12:55pm Dec 29
Went to the eye Dr. today. Pressure is not critical, but is not going down. Dr.s are making plans for surgery not this week,but next. We don't have to see eye Dr. till next Tues. but have a procedure tomorrow at Primary Children"s Hospital. Thanks for the 4x4 ride Brent!

MayLynn Lewis 8:01pm Dec 30
The procedure went well today. They said it went "exactly as it should have" The surgery was from 2-4 and then four hours in recovery. He should be out within the next half hour. Thanks for everyone's prayers!
just transfered my USU "Logan Main Campus" schedule to USU "Distance Learning" schedule ... no worries everyone I AM STAYING IN SCHOOL, still at USU just not in Logan :(
Just found out about this article: Mountain Ridge Jr High raises money for school secretary Click here

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