The Lewis Family

The Lewis Family

Monday, November 29, 2010

Words from MayLynn - Early Monday morning

Just spent a couple hours with just me and my buddy and the nurse. He is doing really good. They gave him a magic button to press when he is in pain and he is doing great with it. he opened his eye and saw me, also he squooze my hand a few times. His face is looking so GREAT! the stitches are tiny and the bruising and swelling is looking fabulous. I rubbed his arm and sang him some of my favorite hymns and primary songs. I am so happy. I really shared a great connection with my dad as i held James Andrew's hand and sang to him. Thank you all for all your prayers because I have literally seen them improve James Andrew's condition.

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  1. MayLynn, I remember you from your two years in California. Your dad's office was two doors down from mine. You were always exceptional, but you seem to have grown into a strong, compassionate, intelligent woman. Your loving musical presence is doing worlds to help heal James Andrew. My heart goes out to you and your family.