The Lewis Family

The Lewis Family

Sunday, January 16, 2011

No more crutches or braces! Woo hoo!

Trudy Makin Lewis11:35am Jan 14
No more crutches, No more Brace! Woo Hoo! Now starts the physical therapy. Two good news days in a row! I feel so blessed and so grateful, almost giddy!
Trudy Makin Lewis7:42pm Jan 13
Thanks for the prayers! We are so blessed!
Trudy Makin Lewis7:41pm Jan 13
Just to let you all know we got good reports at the eye Dr. and from the neurosurgeon also today! He's on the mend and the eye pressure is where it's supposed to be. It was a good news day! We'll see what the orthopedic surgeon says tomorrow. The little bum has been walking without his crutches. So hopefully he gets the okay to get rid of the crutches all together tomorrow. We'll see...

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  1. Paul & I think of your family often; it is great to hear of the continual miracles happening in your lives. Thank you for sharing them!